The Power of Routine

Let’s lay the foundations to unleash our creative potential by harnessing the power of a daily routine.

Are you a college student or young professional looking to develop your self-management and focus your creative energy?

Course Description:

Mini-course for college students or young professionals wanting to enhance their productivity with purpose, and infuse their life and work with creativity. I will guide you through the four powerful keys that form the basis of actionable routine and show you how these work to empower us with:


This is a beginner level, personal development course, easy to follow and implement. Together, we’ll explore new perspectives on tried and true productivity and self-management concepts. We’ll focus on these two core problem-solving strategies:

Structured Creativity
Controlled Flexibility

We’ll explore mindfulness rituals and mind-breaks as essential elements for effective routine-building. Our big picture target for this mini-course will be for you to be able to recognize the weak points of your day, assess your strong points and organize your goals and life in a simple, structured way.

It’s my ultimate hope to guide you through your own exploration and self-assessing process, provide you with the right scaffolding tools and techniques and motivate you to take action.


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