Simona’s Adventures

What makes these books special?

Simona is a six-year-old girl filled with curiosity and ready to use her imagination. In this series of adventures, she and her family will tackle change, memories, and new beginnings, community exploration and relationships, the value of books and reading, as well as the wonderful adventure that is friendship.


What will you find inside?

  • The books are written in English and Spanish, with the text in both languages on one side and a colorful illustration on the other.
  • At the back of the book readers will find a section of:
    • activities to engage with the story after reading
    • ideas to incorporate its core message to their own lives
    • questions to spark conversation.
  • These additional sections are also in English and Spanish.
  • Each book also includes a coloring sheet with the character of Simona or one of her dear friends.

Get this bilingual series in time for Christmas!

New titles coming soon 😉

Meet Simona, Mom, Dad, Manuela and A.J on this bilingual series. Available on kindle and print format.


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