Self-Publish Your First Book

Let’s take action today and get that unpublished manuscript in print!

Are you an unpublished or beginner writer looking to learn more about the Create Platform and ready to take simple steps to publish your manuscript?

Course Description:

This course is for you, someone with a passion for writing an a desire to get your story out there. I was just like you once, and in many ways, I still am. I want to tell my stories and get confident in my writing. How do we do that? Well, as I realized, we cannot do that in a vacuum. We have to jump the scary hurdle of self-judgment and public opinion. We have to put the story and ourselves through that gauntlet to see, there’s nothing to it.

Self-publishing is a great tool for self-empowerment for the writer. Why not take advantage of the new platforms available to create books, share stories and possibly stir another person’s heart with a simple string of word that inspires and motivates?
You’ve taken one step by clicking on this course, let’s take another together!


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