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Joyas Valiosas (2016)

Book Vlog

My Thoughts on La Vispera del Hombre
This video is in Spanish 🙂 Episode II of The Book Vlog. In this video I also introduce and work with my critical reader’s journal.
I highly recommend this novel if you are looking to know more about the Puertorrican cultural heritage, as well as the universal themes of coming of age and self-identity.
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My Reaction to George Orwell’s 1984!
This video is in Spanish 🙂 This is my first vlog! Any positive feedback you could give me would be a huge help!
Would you like to read about my reaction to 1984? You can check out my recent post “Do you know the identity of big brother?”
Send me your own book vlog reactions and book recommendations!
PS: Pronuncie Utopía con acento en la letra equivocada. Oops! (era para ver si prestaban atención :))
My Impression of To Kill A Mocking Bird
This video is in Spanish 🙂 In episode III of the Book Vlog I discuss the first and most acclaimed novel by author Haper Lee.
The text touches on many controversial themes that are still present in our society: racial, class and gender prejudice.
I was particularly interested in the topic of female identity and the voices of the female characters around the protagonist, Scout. You may read more about my reaction to these topic in my ezinearticle here.