• You have the basic idea and flow of a story or essay.
  • You have a blogging project and need a co-blogger to add content.

Let’s finish the job together!

A step beyond virtual editing, as your co-writer or co-blogger I’ll bring my expertise to the project, add my voice to the telling of the story, or the life-line of the blog. You only want a couple of guest-posts, great! I can be there to ignite the spark and push you over that initial hurdle.

  • Fictional Works
    • short story
    • children story
    • eBook
    • Script
  • Non-Fiction
    • Post
    • Guest-Post
    • Essays

To browse my basic catalog of services you may visit my Fiverr seller’s page here.

For premium services and to request a custom offer, feel free to contact me by email at gabagotay@gmail or by submitting the short form below.


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