Paris For The Summer

Paris For The Summer

This summer I had the opportunity to visit Paris, and stay there for a month. Every day brought new learning experiences and discoveries. The smells, sounds and flavors of a living city, the people, the Metro and the sights, and sure, the pain au chocolat

It was an adventure like no other, and for the artist’s soul in me, the chance to be part of the living master piece that is La Ville Lumiere… leaving my footsteps in the Passages Couverts, peeking inside the shops, too early to be opened on a Saturday morning. Becoming just another Flaneur, walking to the doors of Notre Dame, or stepping all the way up to Sacre Coeur, down Saint Michel to Luxembourg, and through the streets of Saint Germain-Des-Pres to the Seine, and all the way to the tour of my dreams.


My feet tired bientot, but refused to stop, rest would come later, after La Place de la Concorde, after the magnificence of L’Arc de Triomphe, the price at the end of Les Champs Elysees, oh! glorious avenue, of perfectly cut trees, and its flags waving for the 14th Juillet.

Crossing Le Pont Alexandre III, thinking about the majesty of old, hypnotized by the gilded dome atop Les Invilides, glistening, commanding, proud, like the lingering spirit of Napoleon himself, lying underneath, le Chef.  Surrounded by the city landscape that Haussman made real. That wonderful architecture, that wonderful light, open spaces, highlighting the iconic buildings, the movement of people, the Parisian way of life.

I was there, for a little while, being Parisienne among them. It was delightful, cigarettes and all, angry bikers and all, crowded Metro and all. Paris showed me her bare face, her effortless joy de vivre, unconventional savoir-faire, and the magic was not broken, but enhanced. Now I go back to be Parisienne from afar, from within. Now I get to hold on to the dream that was real. And now I get to dream to go back, again.



*More pics from my Paris Summer on Instagram @GabrielaGotay



3 Things That Got Me Closer To Paris

3 Things That Got Me Closer To Paris

Yes, my dream of going to Paris is finally coming true. I know it’s a dream shared with millions, all throughout that city’s history and maybe forever.

Among all other essential things, there were 3 factors that made all the difference, and got me closer to Paris, before anything else could (e.g the plane).

  1. The Right Mindset
  2. Seizing The Opportunity
  3. Thinking About The Alternative

Embrace The Right Mindset

You have to put your dreams and goals out there, actively pursuing opportunities. You have to tune in to the right internal frequency and listen to your inner voice. Mine was telling me, craving, a chance to challenge myself, through a cultural trip, maybe a university summer class… I was calling on to something that would enrich my life, expand my mind.

Act Quick To Seize The Opportunity

Once that opportunity knocks on your door or taps at your window, you must grab it. One Sunday morning I was checking my FB feed and there it was, the opportunity I had been waiting for: a summer intensive course at the University of Paris, at la Sorbonne! I could not believe my eyes, and before fear could pop its yellowish face, I reached out, made the call, signed up.

What’s The Alternative?

Staying were you are? do nothing and regret it? keep filling your head with dreams and your heart with disappointment?  Not being were you want to be, who you want to be, having to stay, stuck, knee deep in your puddle of fear?

None of those options and visions for my future seemed right. Not after I had been handed out the opportunity.

Sure, to travel you need money, time, health. But most importantly, you need to want to do it! Your true commitment to act on your dreams is what gets you where you want to go; a physical or spiritual destination, a tangible goal or a lifestyle.

I’m going to Paris, to meet that version of myself that has been calling, and when we get back home, together, we’d had faced another hurdle of fear and change. We’ll be something brand new.

Are you on your way to the place you dream to go? What actions are you taking?