Book Writing Series III: Not It…

When you realize that the ideas are all wrong and nothing works… Get up, dust yourself up and start again. There’s nothing else to do.

  • Think of the old ideas as good practice for the real deal.
  • Think of the old ideas as all the wrong ideas, you’ve just purged bad ideas out to shine a light on the good.
  • Think of that blank page as a cozy blanket of possibilities.

It seems Moon Over Paris will go the way of its predecessor (Sweet Abigail) and be something completely different from what I thought it would.

Do not resist the transformation. We love ideas because they are seeds of potential. Sometimes we may plant a seed thinking we’ll get an apple tree, and it turns out to give lemons. Don’t insist on making apple pie! Make a tasty lemonade instead 😉

Listen to the inner voice that guides you. That voice is saying, there’s more here than meets the eye. Do not settle for the first idea, or the idea you love but doesn’t excite you anymore.

Don’t try to rush it. Maybe the idea, the characters, and their circumstances need to marinate a little longer in your mind. Write things down as possibilities, nothing’s fixed. In the meantime, find inspiration elsewhere. Talk to them every day, keep in touch. They will call you when they are good and ready.

Confess: How many times have you had to rework a “great” idea that lost its magic?



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