Self-Promo: Simona’s New Friend

Simona is having a hard day. She can’t find something, or rather, someone, a friend who has been quite special and meaningful in her short life.

In a previous post, I wrote a little about the inspiration behind Simona’s New Friend: the memory of an imaginary companion. I can only remember the warm feeling that this intangible friend left behind.

Simona and I have that in common. At the start of this story, her imaginary friend is nowhere to be found. Great worry fills Simona’s heart, but once again the people closest to her come to the rescue with assistance, support and good advice.

Who do we meet?

  • First comes her little sister Manuela. Realizing how important finding this friend is to Simona, she decides to help her look for him on the spot.
  • Then comes Dad, who points out to Simona that maybe her little friend is giving her space to go and make some new ones.
  • Then comes Mom, who lets Simona go and do what she thinks it’s right: Reach out to someone, be a good friend first.
  • Finally, comes A.J, the boy-ninja who is sad and lonely, struggling to cope with change himself, until Simona comes to offer him her friendship, selflessly.

Simona’s New Friend is an homage to serendipitous friendships, a thank you letter to the people that find their way into our lives. It is a celebration of the bond between friends, new and old, and of the possibilities for self-discovery and self-growth that it offers.

Simona had to let go of the comfort zone of a known friend, a friend she made up and could control, for a more unstable friendship, a real friendship, and the possibility of rejection. But also the opportunity for wonderful adventures.

By opening our hearts, being vulnerable, extending our hand to pick someone up, we connect, we learn, we grow.

Simona’s Adventures is a series of bilingual books for children ages 5-9 and beginner bilingual readers of all ages. At its core are life lessons, like moving to another house, city or country, curiosity about our neighborhood or city, reading and visiting the local library, coping with change and making new friends.

Confess: What did you dream of being when you were a kid?



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