Book Writing Series I: The Spark

It’s time to begin again. This writing train can’t be stopped.

This time though, I would like you to tag along. This ride will be fun, with twists and turns. And hopefully, we’ll find another sentimental story at the end of the road. Maybe a story that will lead to other new beginnings.

That’s where we are headed, but where are we know?

Currently, we are at the station of No-Return. This is the place where we’ve come with our suitcase full of possibilities and the golden ticket of a single idea.

What do we do while we wait?

Well, let’s scratch that idea and see what happens.

After I finished my first novella, Sweet Abigail, and shipped it off to family and friends, some came back to me with a question: “Who is Amelia Luna? I want to know more about her” Believe me, I do too!

I know she is the biological daughter of Amelia and Aldo. I know she is the step-daughter of Abigail. I know she grew wrapped up in the wealth of their family estate. I know she is the woman who runs the estate now, as a museum and luxury venue. I know she is “Lunette” the woman who writes and meets with Sophie, to disclose the location of Abigail, the one who arranges their meeting in Paris.

But there must be more about this elusive character… and finding out what this is will be the essence of this journey.

Waiting on the quai, I will ask her a biggy (big picture question):

How did the events of your life, specifically, the unconventional family relationships you had to adapt to, shape your self- view of love, friendship, motherhood?

Do you have a question for Amelia Luna? What would you like to know about her?

Coming up: Part II and What’s in a name? 



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