Self-ProMo: Monika Rags

Let’s make our second post of the year about shameless self-promotion!

Yes! after months of writing, reading and waiting I finally birthed my recent book: Monika Rags.

I’ve been a fan of dolls since childhood. I did not have hundreds, most were Barbies, some were babies. There were a couple of special toys, including a teddy bear, a soft doll, a porcelain doll and one doll made out of rags.

Thinking about old toys brings a kaleidoscope of memories. A delicate emotional balance, between joy and nostalgia, has to be struck when we are set to keep so much childhood and innocence around. Even when they are away from sight, I can’t forget they are there, perpetually waiting inside a box, tucked in a corner of the closet. I wonder what they would see in my grown-up face, what they would tell me about the girl I used to be…

During my junior year of high school, the teacher put us in pairs for a special project, a short dialog, to display our creativity and verbal ability in English. The topic of ours came naturally, it sprung from the idea that maybe when I stepped out my room, my toys would speak and move around a la Toy Story. And maybe, some of those toys, a doll, the rag doll, would not be entirely happy with her sentient self. Maybe she would be quite unhappy, maybe she would feel lonely, maybe she’d want to run away.

The dialog was spot on, the performance organic. We got an A and I put the idea and the memory to rest…until, it resurfaced last year, as part of a flashback, an ordinary conversation, to whisper in my ear hey, what if I’m a book.

What’s this story about? What’s the main song from its soundtrack? Stayed tuned 😉

Confess: Are you still holding on to an old toy? What is it and what’s its name?




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