Review Your Year With Gratitude

It’s that time of year again.

Before we start rolling out that new long list of resolutions before we start planning and moving on, let’s review.

Whether a passing year went “good” or went astray, we shouldn’t rush on to the next without taking a little time to be mindful, reflect and assess.

“Gratitude should be the lens through which we view and evaluate our lives, failures, and successes.”

How could gratitude guide or end of the year self-assessment?

We can make gratitude the feeling that permeates our perspective about what worked, what didn’t and how are we to use the lessons learned by our experience with both.

Gratitude for what worked

What were our small victories? What small steps did we take toward each particular goal? Which daily actions moved us in the way of progress?

Gratitude for what failed

Which projects did not pan out? What new habits did we incorporate? What did we do differently? Did we find weaknesses or potholes in our plan or approach?

Gratitude for what was learned

What did these new habits and different approaches teach us, about ourselves, our goals, our passions? What can we incorporate for a better, more authentic way to go about living our most fulfilling lives? There’s always a nugget of wisdom behind every failure, and a way to harness the positive energy from every success. Every attempt at self-knowledge is a step in the right direction.

Above all, we must practice thinking, feeling and showing Gratitude for the opportunity to try again.

Tell me, what was something that worked for your creative life this year?



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