How are those goals and dreams?

Standing smack in the middle of 2017, it’s time to assess. How are your goals and dreams for this year coming along? Have you been focusing on progress? Have you been gathering small personal and professional victories?

It’s important for us creatives to constantly check on our goals and be inspired by our dreams. We might get overwhelmed by all we wish to accomplish, or simply lose track of our many projects and ideas while feeling frustrated or stuck.

Goals and dreams should be looked over every day. However, just like the creative entrepreneurs that we are, implementing a “mid-term performance assessment” will give us a measure of control, a boost to our self-confidence and another opportunity to generate self-accountability.

This year, unintentionally at first, I decided to commit to (at least) one milestone per month. It’s been rewarding to fill my year with a variety of experiences, finding ways to connect them with my overarching goal of living a creative life and pursuing my journey as a writer.

Actively looking for these experiences/opportunities has generated a lot of positive emotions. Sometimes, progress needs to be scratched under the surface. Sometimes, the things we do need a new perspective to find the connection we were missing. Sometimes, the smallest accomplishments make us remember we are indeed, moving forward.

Jan: Publication of one of my poems in Hound Magazine Winter-Spring Edition.

Feb: Interview with Hound Mag for Spring-Summer Edition.

Mar: Photoshoot for interview.

Expo Mujer: Entrevista con Ella.

Apr: Publication of Interview Hound Mag: El Camino y La Ventana.

Feria del Libro/Dia de la Lectura: Promoting bilingual reading with Simona.

May: Publication of Forever Maybe.

Jun: Donation of books to Equestrian School (Sebastian, bilingual edition)

Upcoming: The dream of a lifetime!

Tell me about your creative year so far. What are some of your small victories?



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