Another Self-Publishing Milestone

Forever Maybe, my second self-published novel, is finally on the virtual shelves of Amazon and the CreateSpace Store.

It took me two years from the publication of my first novel, Sweet Abigail, to complete and publish this one. Retrieving and reliving old memories was the fuel that kept the fire of Forever Maybe glowing, the ideas flowing. But memories can take their toll. By the end, I was exhausted.

No, this novel is not a memoir by any means. 80% of the things that take place within its pages is pure fiction. The remaining 20% happened in a completely different way. Of course, its emotional core was inspired by snippets from my own adolescence, my own bitter-sweet memories of life and love. I juiced every drop of nostalgia out of me; it was worth it if my readers get to glimpse at something that feels real.

In its original form, the story was titled “That Boy I knew.” But after my first novel, I knew titles evolve, a story evolves, and can even transform into something totally new. It had already happened to the seed of this story once, in what became Sweet Abigail. As I began writing, again, I sensed a trend in one of its characters; an unwillingness to make a decision, a tendency to drag her feet, to stay inside a comfort zone, a “middle way”, not because of conviction, but because of fear. That developed into its final (fitting) title.

(Keep reading for  little teaser!)

Forever Maybe-Post1

The story of Jordan Ventura and Elia Young is a collection of things unsaid. It’s a platonic romance, that in the span of a decade, battered by distance and silence, refused to go away. Its internal dialogue takes place within memories and diary pages. It moves its main characters beyond second chances, and asks a simple question:

How long would you wait for a third chance at true love?




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