Inspiration from Positive Emotions


As writers, we have an unlimited library, stocked full of emotions to work with. Many of us spent our youth hoarding a wide array of feelings, the product of years of not letting go of a single memory, a single mistake, a single regret. But also, by not letting go of the good, the great, the wonderful.

Because even the darkest piece of writing should have a little light.

That light gives it contrast, put things in perspective. That light comes from many of the less thrilling, edgy and sexy emotions; gratitude, serenity, joy, love. The total absence of these emotions is not good for the soul of the story or the writer.

To strengthen the force of characters waist deep in misery, you should be able to create uplifting counterparts. Plots that stretch the limits of human suffering can offer glimpses of humanity underneath. Bleak dystopias could pose challenging questions, asking its characters to redefine their own reality and challenge ourselves to dig deeper into what we are doing to our world.

Finding inspiration from positive emotions can be, for some writers, a way to step out of their comfort zone. For others, it might mean truly exploring the memories attached to those emotions, their source, and finding new ways to translate into words the relationships and feeling, that are mostly taken for granted in our every day lives.

Are you in touch with your positive emotions? How are they showing in your writing?



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