The Window and The Way of a Writer

“La Ventana y el Camino de una Escritora”…That’s the headline of my interview for Hound Magazine. It captures the essence of the experience and the message I wanted to communicate to its readers; maybe writers like myself or other creatives in need of a little encouragement.

There’s always a window, and there’s always a way.


The Window: a sneak peek into your true potential. A small win. A step forward. A single decision that opens new possibilities and gives you the confidence to keep going. We don’t always need to find a door, or feel overwhelmed by the search for “The Door”. We can get out through a window, wiggle our way through, open up and share our message with the world.

The Way: a path to follow that makes sense for you, that brings you unbridled joy, lasting happiness and adds value to your life and somebody else’s. The way is a sense of purpose that fuels you. It does not lead to a single point in the future, but to many possibilities. The way, your way, would be getting there doing something you love, focusing on creation, on progress, not perfection.


Share your progress with me below! & download the houndmag for free 😉


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