Interview + Photoshoot Recap

What got me there?

Being open to serendipity.

You never know when and where an opportunity might present itself. Last year I participated in a scriptwriting workshop that offered me such a moment. There, I met the editor of The Hound Mag, a digital magazine that scouts for local creatives. Out of that came the chance to publish one of my poems in their winter-spring edition (houndmag-enero2017), and now the opportunity to share my journey with its readers.

February 20th: Interview at Arrope (@arrope_riopiedras)

I got dressed and ready for my first magazine interview. I wore my favorite simple black shirt, jeans, and boots, hair down, relaxed. I met with Cristina, the copy-editor, and reporter for the magazine, at a local coffee shop I love. It was jam-packed with students but I managed to find a parking space and a table. I’m a fan of their coffee concoctions and house blends. I order my favorite “arrope” and sat at a table near the wide windows, to people-watch while I waited. Cristina came ready with lots of interesting questions and I got a chance to do one of the things I love to do most…talk. And we talk about writing, inspiration, fears, goals, and everything in between.

I had a lot of fun! and can’t wait to see the final result in the upcoming Hound Mag edition;)

March 3rd: Photoshoot at UMET’s Laboratorio Integrado de Comunicaciones

For my first magazine shoot, I went with a pair of jeans, a graphic tee, and black flat shoes. I added my string of faux pearls for a delicate personal touch.

I met with Anto, editor and creative director behind Hound Mag, and he took me to the studio, which I loved. It was somewhat messy, dark and filled with gadgets.

Being in front the camera was tough. Moving feels more comfortable, talking is my thing. Having to stop and pose was difficult at first. But I knew that from a hundred shots, there would be at least a couple he could use and I could be happy with.

Getting my picture taken meant putting myself in a vulnerable position, it meant challenging myself to look past perfection and realizing that the best picture of me would be the most natural, honest and real, not the most perfect.

Opening up, sharing your true thoughts and showing your very human face might feel scary to some, but doing it, jumping over that hurdle and getting over yourself is the only way to finally set your creativity and spirit free.



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