When You Don’t Know, Make A List

Sometimes, you just have no idea what to write. Nothing is coming to you. Nothing inspires you. The world around you is noise, the time and place are wrong, conditions are not right.

Too many things can interfere with our creativity. Too many distractions and responsibilities can cloud our minds. But we must write. We must get our hands moving, our minds working.

When you don’t know what to write about, or what to do, make a list. Here’s a rapid-fire list of lists you can focus your attention on, to put some of that creative energy in.

  • List the stuff you have to do and the stuff you need to buy.
  • List the ideas that are popping and bouncing around in your mind.
  • List everything you don’t have time for anymore (you might remember something you love and must make time to do again).
  • List the books you want/need to read and the favorite passages of the books you’ve read so far this year.
  • List the people you need to thank and the things/opportunities you are grateful for.
  • List the milestones you’ve achieved and the goals you have for yourself this year.
  • List the stuff around the house that need repairs or need to be donated.
  • List the names of places you dream of traveling to.
  • List the most interesting names you’ve ever heard of.

Make one list now and every time your mind needs a buffer to refuel and recharge. Believe me, from some of your lists unexpected ideas will bubble up to the surface, to unleash your creativity once more. And if any of this fails…blog 😉

Share one of your “buffer” lists with me below!



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