Forever Maybe is the story of my adolescence and early adulthood. It’s also the title of my upcoming novella. An intimate peek into the “what if” story of Jordi Ventura and Ella.

It was a version of this story the one I began writing over 10 years ago. It was a version of this story the one I dusted off again in 2015 and which morphed into Sweet Abigail. So, the idea got shelved once again to let Sweet Abigail come through.

It’s taking forever to make this original-source-story come to life. Maybe because it more closely resembles a version of my own. The version where the things I thought would be impossible, turn out to be possible, where a long-lost relationship endured, where the time it took for an ordinary girl to find the strength to share the extraordinary within her took just a couple of chapters and around 110 pages.

Update: Currently on the editing stage. It’s taking its sweet time. I’m enjoying every moment of it, and I’ll finish! 2017 will be the year 🙂


PS: Stay tuned for the release date.


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