Love and Lost in Sweet Abigail

**Missing Letter**

Sweet Abigail,

I finally know what love is, what love feels like. It’s sweet…bitter sweet. It’s everything I had hoped for, and everything I never expected it to be. I never expected to cry. I never expected the pain, the frustration. I never expected for things to move at a random pace; too fast, to slow, unmovable at times, going in circles, playing me for a fool.

Distance and time. Time and distance. My enemies and my only hope.

Some nights I wish for a heart untouched by love…I wish for your heart. Strong, willing, forward, unafraid. But my fate is this heart, with all its flaws, weak, anxious and filled with fear. But why would I want to have a different heart, when this is the heart he loves?

Will my fear ever move me? Could my fear of losing him ever push me to find him, to fight back? 

Sure, you say it’s hopeless…but that’s only what you think, it’s not what I feel. I know there’ll always be a chance for Aldo and I. There’ll always be another day for us, another word, another kiss, another letter.


(This letter was given to Sophie by Amelia Luna, before saying goodbye, forever.)


Hope you enjoyed this “missing letter” inspired by the Sweet Abigail story.

PS: Get Sweet Abigail here!


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