How To Fill This New Year’s Blank Page?

The Blank Page

As the final countdown began, everybody was getting ready to unfold their new year’s resolutions, that long “to do list” with items recycled from past years* and new dreams for the one about to begin.

The task of filling a new year with exciting and fulfilling accomplishments is daunting. You say to yourself, it’s time to get stuff done, this year would be different. Yet, that blank page standing in front of you seems to extend from here to the next December 31st. Menacing as always. Because, what if another year rolls around and finds your list untouched, unchanged. No check marks, no statements crossed?

Don’t panic! Only a little self-assessment will show that there was a whole lot that did happen over the last twelve months. Focus on that progress. The start of a new year offers the opportunity to plan ahead, to think about what little more you can do, which little steps you can take to move forward. And that means everything, the fact that each year we are not starting from scratch.

Once the confetti has settled and the fireworks have turned to ashes, you have to face that new blank page, and start putting together the outline of that next chapter of your life.

For my fellow writers out there, there’s only one thing that should be on our list of resolutions, the cornerstone of our lives as creatives and the foundation of all other dreams and goals for next year: Create.

What made last year a success for me was the fight against procrastination and the small wins that pushed me forward in the achievement of my goal: Finding ways to let creation be at the center, give it space and give it fuel.

  • Embrace the momentum of the new year.
  • Look out for and be open to the unexpected opportunities.
  • Keep a diary, journal or bullet journal, and track your progress.

Make each hour an important letter, each day a pivotal word, each week a powerful sentence, each month an authentic paragraph and by the end of this year, your page will be filled, every line will make sense.

What are some of the words on your list? Share them with me below and let’s make them happen:)


*There are some new year’s resolution that have no expiration date. Everything that has to do with your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, every positive habit you’ve incorporated so far, the ever present search for knowledge. And even as the names of our goals evolve and change, behind them should stand your bigger picture, as the backdrop for everything that is possible.


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