Your Story Is A Piece of The Human Puzzle

The Blank Page

Your story is part of the human story. Your story has many layers, many chapters. And all of them can teach us something new about you, about the world as you experience it, about the world as it truly is.

Now, more than ever, we must embrace our story, share our story, speak up or write down the things we have seen, felt and lived through. For our benefit and the benefit of others. 

Your perspective is your story, the things that have happened to you, your memories of those events, and the circumstances of your life. Even coming from the same time period, the same continent, the same country, the same town, the same family, your story is quite different from your brother’s or your sister’s, and will be even more different from your father’s.  Yet, together they’ll form a unit of experience, a link in the collective memory.

You might think nothing extraordinary has happened to you. Nothing worth sharing on social media. You might think no one would be interested to hear or read about misfortune, poverty, violence or might be bored to find your story has none. Don’t underestimate us. We want to know. And even those who seem not to care, do. And even those who don’t ask, would be better off knowing.

The human puzzle is large, wide and complex. If your piece goes missing, it won’t be for lack of space and tools to get your story told. And when you do, share with honesty and purpose. Don’t share to impress. Share to complete, to enlighten, to uplift and expand the human consciousness and the human heart.

How can they know about the multiplicity of us, if we remain silent?



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