How To Keep That Second Novel Alive

Type to Live

The stuff that I took out of my first novel was…my second novel. Another story, or at the very least, the seed for another story. Ironically, it was the story I wanted to tell first. But something else took form and grew larger and more interesting to the side. I followed its trail, made the cuts and found that it had taken me away from the story of Ella right to Sweet Abigail.

But now, Abigail, and her love triangle, is over, down on paper, published and done (maybe), and Ella’s triangle must develop, grow and reach its inevitable conclusion.

A whole year has gone by since Sweet Abigail was published, and I immediately began working on making sense out of all the “other” stuff. I’ve worked on many other projects, for myself and as ghostwriter. I’ve began toying with other stories and ideas, and I’ve managed to come back to Ella to make periodic progress. But as of today, it’s far from over.

How to keep the fire burning?

How to keep the passion for the story alive?

How not to start doubting the idea and everything I have already written?

How to buckle down and finish?

There’s one thought that gives me solace: The first novel took me more than ten years to write. Ten years in which little progress was made, plus a couple of months of intense focus.

I’d keep the fire burning by thinking about Ella, and everything in her life which intrigues and fascinates me, her experiences and her potential for growth.

I’d keep my passion alive by reconnecting with the memories that first ignited the idea.

And I won’t doubt the idea and everything that’s already written, because, now it’s not the time to edit, it’s time to write.

Finally, I’d take advantage of NaNoWriMo, and what it stands for.

Could I finish with my second novel’s first draft in the month dedicated to novel writing?



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