Why Do I Self-Publish My Books?

In this day and age, I see no reason why those of us who have something to say and write should be confined to the limits of the publishing industry, and its gate keepers.

If you create videos, you can set up your own Youtube Channel. If you are into photography or the visual arts you can post and share your images on a Facebook fan page, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr. If you write like me, you can submit articles to online magazines or journals, guest-post on other blogs or create your own blog, and then there’s no limit to what you can do or how many people you can reach.

The Internet, and its multiple sharing platforms, has become the great equalizer. The question is, are we going to take advantage of the opportunity?

If, as a writer, your goal is to be published by one of the publishing houses, big or small, the road has been laid out. Start knocking on doors, get yourself an agent, and keep working hard on your craft. I’m sure eventually you’ll get a toe, and then a foot on the door. Bite the bullet and enjoy the ride.

If, as a writer, your goal is to have your stories published as books, physical and tangible proof of your writing life, something you can share with followers, gift to friends and family or use as added value for your audience, then, grab the bull by the horns and self-publish.

You may choose to self-publish your stories and books for many different and personal reasons. For me, self-publishing my books is mainly a source of self-empowerment. I’m glad the publishing industry exists, they move books in large quantities, and the readership mass to buy them. But, I’m also glad us indie writers have the digital tools to go at it by ourselves. Our independent spirit is after all our prerogative. And our books can be as diverse, outlandish and unconventional as we want them to be. That is an opportunity I won’t allow myself to miss.

Are you thinking about self-publishing? In an upcoming post I’ll write about the digital tools I use and later, about the importance of having a self-publishing team!



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