Secrets Between Friends: The Story of Sweet Abigail

Could A Secret Be The Thread That Holds A Friendship Together?

The story of Sweet Abigail unequivocally circles around this question.

Two friends are divided in youth by different values and ambitions. Amelia longs for marriage. Abigail let’s her independent spirit soar. While the former meets the man that would envelop her every thought, feeling and passion from then on, the latter is one of the first female students to cross the threshold at Oxford University.

These two friends, separated by time and space, kept a loosely tied bond through the exchange of letters. Letters, that years later fall on the hands of an unsuspecting young reporter, named Sophie.


Sophie is a driven young woman. She has a personal quest and only one goal: self-fulfillment. The achievement a precious childhood dream. Yet, she is holding something back. To get closer to the dream she pulled away from romantic love. Now, diving deep into the correspondence between the two friends will make her question her own decisions. It would also put things in perspective, when she finally gets to where she wanted to go, only to realize that something was missing.

Every character in the Sweet Abigail story losses something in the process of gaining what they think is what they want. Stubbornness presents itself in all shapes and sizes. From Amelia’s self-victimization, and her inability to rescue herself. To Abigail’s rationalization for her own actions. To Aldo’s refusal to take a stand, stop the manipulations and make the hard decision. The compromise is the secret that is being kept by all.

There is nothing sweet about what Abigail does. But in the end, the strength of the secret makes the friendship stand the test of time. The bond will go on.

When it comes to friendship, are you one to keep secrets or are you an open book?


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