Are You On Fiverr?

I discovered Fiverr as a client. Then, I realized I had something to offer too.
The first time I ventured into Fiverr I went looking for a graphic artist who could make Simona come alive. I found something that not only fulfilled my expectations but inspired me to continue with the project. My graphic artist (Mariel Garcia) and I created a virtual team that continues strong to this day. She is currently working on illustration for the second book in the series.
I was pleased with Fiverr’s user-friendly platform. I was a happy customer. Yet, a long time went by before I starting looking at myself, not as a buyer, but as a seller.
Since the moment I made the commitment to be a writer, I’ve been looking for ways to practice and improve my craft.
Through freelancing, I’ve not only found a way to keep the flow of writing going, and the creative juices pouring, but I’ve been able to make a little money in the process. No, I’m not closed to achieving financial freedom. That’s not the main goal anyway. The goal is the act of writing. And the money is credit that I keep reinvesting on the illustrations I need for Simona. So, it’s literally a win-win.
My fiverr experience opened up the floodgates to a whole new aspect of my literary life. It has shown me I can create what I never thought possible. It gives me a sense of purpose, a sense of pride.
From short stories based on comics, to topics and themes I never would have thought of on my own, to personal memories and collective efforts to honor a local hero. It’s a world of endless possibilities.
I invite you to visit Come to see what we can do for you. Which obstacle can we remove from your path? So you may make progress on your passion project and your dream, like I did.
Also, come see what you can offer the world. What talent can you explore, not necessarily for the money, but to give back and get a jolt of satisfaction when you add value to somebody else’s life and add a little more beauty and creativity into the world?
As I say to all prospective clients on one of my Fiverr gigs, don’t let your story go untold. And let me add a caveat; don’t let your talent go unused.
Is there another freelancing platform you love? Share your experience and the site below!

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