An Independent Author’s Guide to A Virtual Book Party

As an independent author, I am the creative, the promoter and the #1 fan!

And so, all hats fall on my head. The challenge is to keep the hats on and not lose the aforementioned head in the process.
So far, so good. I am having fun with it. Independence might mean more responsibilities, energy and self-commitment. But I rather have those than the stress of owing somebody else something (money) and the risk of making my art into something mechanic, and the production of a “creative work” a business transaction.
Last year was one of many firsts; the publication of my first children’s book, my book of poems and my first novel. I felt it was right to celebrate, one way or another. For the latter, I went with a virtual book launch party.
I researched and planned the party for Saint Valentine’s Weekend. It became a virtual “brunch” for close family and friends, and it was a great success.
If I had done nothing to celebrate this milestone in my life as a writer, I would not have been living fully to the expectations of my dream. All personal wins deserve a proper celebration! Don’t sweep anything you accomplish under the rug just because you think is not important or relevant enough.
Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Do a little research. Be prepared and have a blast.
How it all went down?
  • I created a fun and informative event page in Facebook.
  • I sent the invites to friends and family on Facebook.
  • I keep posting weekly reminders to those who joined the event, so they’d get excited and remember to sign in on the appropriate date.
  • I collected relevant images, prepared a list of questions and trivia about the book, the author and the theme of the party, selected some music and other videos that I might share with the guests.
  • I got to the event page early and opened the swipe file with the pics, the hourly program for the event was my guide.
  • Encouraged by my sister I decided to create a quick little welcome video and posted it as a last reminder and welcoming message to those who began to join.
  • I put on the music I was sharing in the background and began live posting images and trivia, asking questions and welcoming guests as they arrived.
Time flew by so quickly! We had a lot of fun, especially when playing the Casting Call game! I was pleasantly surprised and challenged by some questions. It was great to remember and interact once again with the characters I grew to love while I wrote the novel.
  • I sent off my guests with a final image and a thank you message.
  • I also congratulated the winners of the 5 free e-books, and privately asked for their emails to send the digital copies directly from Amazon.
  • I politely requested a review on Amazon and their personal feedback as readers.
One of my friends even suggested a follow up party for those who got the novel, to discuss their reactions with me, live. I thought it was a great idea.
Are you planning to host your own book launch party (virtual or not)? I would love to know about your own planning process and if any of the tips above gave you any guidance or idea to incorporate into your own event!

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