Countdown to My First Virtual Book Party!

The invitations have been sent. The planning is already on its way!
I wanted to begin this year jumping right out of my comfort zone. Hosting a virtual book party on Facebook just seemed far out there enough.
The idea first came to me while watching an old episode of Girls, where the gals went to the book party of Hanna’s nemesis. Something just clicked in my mind. I thought a book party would be one of those things that I would love to plan but would never be able to do.
The first obstacle: lack of friends and family willing and able to attend. Most of my friends, family and supporters live far away from me. How to overcome this limitation? Go virtual!
Right now, there are no frontiers that can’t be conquered or distances that can’t be shorten by the power of technology. A virtual event would give me the chance to connect with friends and family, and celebrate with them the personal achievement that is the publication of my first novel.
The platform for the invitations and the event itself will be Facebook. I’ll also be monitoring tweets with the #sweetabbybookparty and posting fun messages on Instagram.
As with every other decision and step I’ve taken up until this point, I felt a pang of fear at the thought of putting myself out there and invite people in. Yet, once I defined my reason for doing it, it became less scary to click send.
The worst: no one would say yes. But that fear was unfounded, and I knew it. The challenge is for me to plan, host and post interesting and engaging things about my book, as much as is it for people to show up, ask me questions and celebrate with me.
Next: no one will show up on Facebook on February 13th. But that fear had no grounds either. I’ll be there.
The truth: All the negative thoughts and fears that I might come up with are welcome to come with me to my party and watch me as I make them fade away, one by one.
17 days till party time!

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