What Would Make This Year a Success?

A blank slate is laid out in front of me.
As a writer, I’m excited and anxious. Last year ended on a great tone. I proved to my young self that there is hope for me yet.
The dream to write is no longer a dream that I wish for but one that I’m doing my best to live every day.
The dream to become an author was made into reality by sheer power of will. Now I have a whole new year to keep adding creative pieces to my author’s puzzle.
Would I be able to reach last year’s accomplishments or surpassed them? After all, it was not until half the year was over that I fully committed…(overwhelmed!…stop!)
The most important goal for this year is to keep celebrating my past small wins for what they’ll forever mean to me: obstacles being shattered all around.
With the satisfaction of the goals already attained always in my back pocket, now is time to look forward. And to ask the very personal and overwhelming question: What would make this year a success?
  • Officially launch and host a virtual book party for my first YA novel, Sweet Abigail.
  • Write and publish at least the next two books in the saga of Simon’s Adventures.
  • Write and publish my new YA novel, That Boy I Knew.
  • Script the video series and online course based on my short ebook: The Critical Reader’s Handbook.
  • Participate in this year’s local book fairs and go to at least one book fair abroad.
Success this year would spell progress, constant and ongoing. If it means a few steps back to move forward, so be it. But only and always progress. The literary life that I’m aiming for is not a destination after all, it’s a pursuit.
What would make your new year a success? Share with me below!

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