How To Do Christmas Right as A Writer

Tis the season to be inspired!
Are you planning to take full advantage of the holiday season to renew your creativity and fuel your inspiration? This month could fill you with the greatest creative juice!
Maybe you are one of those with a yearly supply of genius precisely because, consciously or unconsciously, you harness the spirit of a special season to ignite the work that last a whole year.
But, if you seem to be depleted of ideas and inspiration way too soon, why not give the Christmas Holiday a chance? By the end of the month pages may be filled with writing practice (if you pay attention to the “promps” around you and make a conscious effort to engage with the spirit of the season).
If so, let’s do it right!
It is not about the “presents” you “get”, the material things, but the ones you “give”, the intangible things, the most important things we can give: our time, our empathy, our company. Stop and break away from the cycle of consumerism that has become a stipend of the holidays. This is such a great opportunity to be creative and make something or put a little thought into the way we externalize our celebration (i.e decorations) and the type of “gifts” we give.
Creating new memories, and remembering old ones with the people we share them with, is truly a rewarding experience for any writer. So much material comes from these simple interactions. If we don’t participate and engage, we miss out.
Fill your house and ignite your senses.
Sounds: holiday music. The soft melodies that remind us of days past, and make us dream of days to come, surrounded by those we love. These sounds include of course laughter and conversation.
Smells: holiday food. Invite friends and family to prepare some special dishes and you’ll have both sounds and smells.
Sights: holiday colors. Red, white, green, gold and silver are the most traditional. But don’t limit yourself in any way. Display the colors that better showcase the spirit of the holiday to you. The idea is to have the colors all around as a change to the usual colors you see every day during the rest of the year.
Touch: the holiday offers a variety of textures to choose from. Interact with these different textures. Soft and velvety, rough and spiky, and so on.
Explore different emotions.
The spirit of Christmas may awake in us a variety of feelings, and they don’t have to be all exclusively merry and joyous. We might explore feelings of melancholy and nostalgia. We may explore themes about family, childhood and romantic love and give them a completely new perspective. We may use the holiday as a framework to satirize human flaws and point to the irrationality of some consumer habits and the manipulation of the masses by the media. We can also find inspiration in the overall message of hope that is essentially at its core.
If you find inspiration this holiday, tell me about it: What inspired you? And what did it inspire?
Christmas Holiday Inspired Reading List:
  • A Christmas Carol (Dickens)
  • The Little Match Girl (Andersen)
  • Little Women (Alcott)
  • A Christmas Memory (Capote)
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Dr. Seuss)

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