An Ode To A Lost Idea

The idea that is not written is lost.

As a writer, there’s no greater source of indignation than to forfeit a brilliant idea. The culprit always lies in overconfidence in my memory or laziness to look for a pen or pencil to write it down (on almost anything; a piece of paper, a napkin, my hand).
Ideas must be captured swiftly, the moment to ponder about the value of the idea, and decide whether is “good” or “bad” comes later. However, I’ve come to realize, all lost ideas were potential seeds of greatness; forever untapped. My hope and dread is that they’ll found their way to another person’s mind…and ignited something that would not be mine.
In this day and age, with so many devices to record and keep our ideas, I’m always amazed to find I let so many go away. They fade into oblivion. Sometimes I can retrieve some, but I now there aren’t quite the same as the original spark. Clones, traces of memories. Sometimes, they are better though.
I dedicate a few words to the brief moments of personal greatness that will never see the light of day.
Ode to A Lost Idea
Lost, I was too slow to grab you, to claim you.
Lost, you were too quick, you vanished, slipped away.
Lost, I thought I had you, held tight, I was foolish.
Lost, never to come my way ever again.
Shadow of glory.
Greatness in flight.
Ghostly remembrance,
Of a brief new light.
The hope of a spark.
The seed of a flame.
The sigh of a heart.
Who have I to blame?



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