Ready, Set and Go to My First Book Tour!

October is going to be a lot of fun. And a lot of first! This month I’ll walk through a new threshold, and continue taking action to realize my writing career and settled into my literary life.


The book launch of Simona’s New Adventure unofficially began on September 3rd, with a book reading and book donation at Daskalos School. The fun and rewarding experience with the Kindergarden “Pythagoras” class fueled my enthusiasm to share my book and its message.


So, the book launch will officially begin with another book reading and book donation at ExAlt, a local agile learning center, where I will also talk with the young apprentices about the process of writing a book independently, using the technology and tools that we all have access to.



After that, from the 14th to the 18th of October, I’ll be exhibiting the book, Simona’s New Adventure, at the XVIII Feria Internacional del Libro- Puerto Rico. There I will set up my “independent author” table, documenting the process along the way. At my table I will also have a box for book donations to the Y Tu Que Lees Puerto Rico? An inspiring project building small free libraries across the island.


I’m truly excited to be part of an event that promotes not only reading, but a focus on issues of diversity and ecology. (UPDATE: The fair was a complete success! Sold all the books, met some great people and got interviewed)


Then, on October 20th, I’ll be speaking with two separate group of elementary students at the Festival de la Palabra- Puerto Rico. The festival starts there and later moves across the Caribbean region, closing in New York City. I’ve been attending as a book and literature lover for a couple of years. This time I took my contribution to the next level! (UPDATE: My presentation could not happen, since the students were late 😦 But from every experience there’s something to learn)
My talks will be about the creative process of writing Simona’s New Adventure. My greatest hope would be to inspired young readers and writers to put their fears aside and embrace the passion to create something new and communicate their message. (UPDATE: I plan to give this talks and read to individual schools libraries over the coming months)
October is my Birthday month, and this year it’s packed! I’m taking a chance, I’m going all in, and I hope you follow along the way and share with me your own literary pursuit!
Is there a book fair that you know of and love in your local area or beyond? Share it with me below and I will give them a SM shout out?

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