What Every Creative Ought To Know About Blogging

To blog or not to blog? There is no question.

Plainly  put, I believe the contemporary creative cannot afford not to blog.
A Blog is a tool for personal branding, a unique and flexible platform, and a new take on the digital portfolio, interactive and highly engaging.
As a creative coming into the digital scene a question that may be lingering in your mind is, how do I know if starting a Blog is the right move for me?
There’s a simple answer to that questions, but first, let me ask you:
  • Are you creating art in any field?
  • Are you a creative writer, journalist or photographer, are you making things, building structures, designing or recording?
  • Are you into fashion, literature, history or music?
  • Do you paint, draw, play any instrument or are learning how?
  • Are you currently studying, curious in any way about a form of artistic expression?
  • Are you into communications, humanities or technology?
If any or a combination of the above describes something you do, want to do, study or enjoy, starting a Blog is not only the right thing to do, it’s your prerogative.
We already follow, connect and engage with people that inspire us. If we want to be followed, liked and engage, we must put ourselves and our ideas and creations out there, in a meaningful and authentic way.
The internet and its social networking platforms provide intuitive paths for the everyday individuals to join in and participate as an audience, but most importantly, it gives us artists the ability to create content independently from the expense of traditional mass media or the publishing industry. While consuming the content other people put out there is a passive activity and following others on social media is a fine way to stay current, as creatives we must create, and the medium of the Blog is to me, the perfect solution and the answer to our independent and self-reliant nature of the artist, author and influencer of today.
To me, there’s simply no question: we should Blog.
The unique and authentic voice that each of us pour into the “bloggersphear” makes of the internet a truly open-sourced space where all voices and perspectives can be accessed, researched and shared.
  • Your Blog is an extension of offline self, and the alternative for the artist, writer and musician to brand, promote and market herself, creating in the process new streams of income to support her passion and her cause.
  • Your Blog is your virtual home; literally your domain, in the fertile landscape of the net. (Choose a domain name as strategically as possible and start building up the foundations of your brand).
  • Your Blog is your unlimited portfolio; use it to showcase ideas and projects all your own, expanding on the limited information you can provide through your social media accounts.
  • Your Blog is your store, your stage, your publication, your product and service, your creation.
Everyday creatives can find a direct path to their audiences, cutting the middle-man. Putting yourself out there and creating a trail of value that leads to you, your industry or the cause you stand for.
Share your blog with me! Send me a comment with the link to your site! Can’t wait to see it and provide you with constructive feedback.



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