3 New Takes On The Literary Archetype

Archetypes are representations of universal themes and patterns of human nature.
They seem to pop up in every text, film and painting, because they are a way to express or collective unconsciousness and anxiety about certain unattainable goals and ideals we’ve placed upon ourselves.
The hero, the mother, the mentor, the villain and the journey are some of the most common archetypes in literature and art.
I was recently listening to The Accidental Creative’s podcast. In the episode: Your Collective, Todd Henry talks about the importance of fostering relationships that nurture the creative process. He mentioned three crucial relationships: the mirror, the circle and the guide.
The episode compelled me to ask:
Could I turn those relationships into new ways to represent and define literary archetypes and their power to influence and change our lives.
In an upcoming series of posts I’ll write about these 3 new takes on the “archetype” as living characters; to be able to better recognize them on a page, as well as in our lives and in our “self”.
I’ll begin with characters that represent the 3 crucial relationships mentioned by Todd and then widen my scope to include the most well-known descriptions of archetypes, as found in the site LiteraryDevices.net

3 New Takes

1. The Mirror, as the voice of brutal honesty and truth.
2. The Circle, as the source of inspiration and collaborative creativity.
3. The Guide, as the invested mentor and opened book of tactics and strategies.
Meanwhile, I would love to know: Which archetype defines you the most? Share below!

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