Here’s The Secret to Buying Smart

I recently visited a local shop near my work called Obrigado.
It’s actually a very cool cafe with a pretty healthy menu. I highly recommend you pay them a visit, if your ever find yourself in Puerto Rico.
While I was there, I began pondering about the clever use of text many brands use to lure us into liking and buying their products and services, and caring for their message and cause.
Let’s start with the name of the cafe: Obrigado. It means “thank you” in Portuguese.
  • With our local acai trend, the name evokes Brazilian flavors, sounds and atmosphere
  • The name connects the customer with ideas and images of healthy meals
  • For those who have no knowledge of Portuguese (and have never watched a UFC fight) it engages their curiosity
  • As with the word Aloha, in essence Obrigado is welcoming and inviting. It sets the tone for the kind of relationship they want to create with their customers
There’s one product they sell at the cafe, which I’ve seen other stores starting to sell as well, a “carton” of water.
Instead of the traditional bottled water, this company is packaging their water in small sized containers, resembling a milk or juice carton.
I found this socially and environmentally conscious and I think that was exactly the point.
The carton, or Boxed Water, is simply white with big bold black letters, a perfect contrast; this alone appealed to my minimalistic nature. And the message reads: “Boxed Water is Better”


That is the question that all good marketing literature should compel us to ask.
(the question why should we care? is not even an option, because we should! It’s our duty to care what happens to the planet that is our home.)
The powerful why should be found in a deeper understanding of the brand itself and its goal.
But why should we buy this product? Is the question that involves our ultimate decision; to use the power we do have to send a message to the policy makers, our purchasing power, and support those with a cause that is environmentally conscious while seamlessly aware of customers wants and needs.
Thanks to the wonder of the internet we can look for other perspectives and opinions about the brands that appeal to us. In the case of Bottled Water is Better I found an article in a different page that talked about the company’s greatest differentiate, its shipping method; the use of carton containers. The selling point for me was the fact that differently from plastic bottles; carton won’t last for centuries practically intact in our land fields. Carton boxes offer a more efficient way to ship the product, which in turn reduces costs and means fewer trucks being used and less pollution overall.
A littler research was all it took to find additional reasons to support Bottled Water. And it all started by reading more critically the world around me.
Never accept any marketing literature at face value. Always engage you curiosity and your critical thinking. Talk back to its message and ask “What are you telling me?” The answer might be exactly what they want to hear: Yes! but at least, as a consumer, we’d get a greater sense of ownership of our decision to align ourselves with that service or product, by giving a thoughtful, human response.
With which clever marketing message have you come across lately? Share below!

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