Last year I finally published an anthology of my poems. “A Page from My Youth” includes the original poems in Spanish, as well as their English translations.
I’m proud and glad. I finally committed and did something to give life to those cherished poems and the emotions I felt when I wrote them. I did revise them and in the process I was reminded of the girl who felt so much love, saddness and fear. I actually became inspired to write poetry again. 
Original Post:
When I was young(er) I wrote…poems.

A hopeless romantic, I got inspired by every feeling and every broken heart.

Poetry was my way to channel emotions and give my heart a space to let out questions and fears.

Suddenly, one day, the muses went away.

In 2007, some of those old soul-searching conversations got dusted off and placed in a blog…

They represent simple pieces of me, and of times of intense feelings of the love and loss.

Even though the poetic inspiration has gone quite, I know that it’s still there.

For all those poets-at-heart out there, I would love to read your work! Please send me your poems or the link to your poetry blog. It would be an honor!

If you would like to read my original  poems click the link below, and enjoy:


If you would like to read the new and improved poems with their English versions go to “A Page from My Youth” and leave me a review!



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