Does a Universal Language Exists?

Yes, there is a universal language, it is the language of love, and its name is music.

Music is the ultimate universal language because:

  1. You don’t need to speak a particular language to understand and be moved by the message of a melody or a song. It is not necessary to speak a foreign language to feel the very emotions that make us human and alive.
  2. Great musicians live and love with passion and that is mirrored in their sounds and lyrics.
  3. Great musicians capture their audiences with gestures and movement. Visual representations of words.
  4. Great performers facilitate trans-formative experiences to the audience and these experiences are share by the artist herself, at that very moment.

If music is the universal language, we must refer to music when reading and writing.

Practice Close-reading that engages sensory awareness and trains your ear to find rhythm:

  • Read song’s lyrics
  • Read poems (and try your hand at poetry)

Also, go to an Open Mic and watch poets perform their work. Appreciate how movement and non-verbal codes actually impact the words being said and how they make you feel.

Final note: I believe that only when your heart is fully and intensely engaged in what you do, whatever it is that you are doing becomes a truly valuable gift to the human heritage and its cultural and social evolution.

What is the perfect soundtrack for your life? Share below!



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