3 Must Have Accesories of The Literary Girl

Are we just being copy-paste versions of other people’s personalities?
We can’t go through life holding a sign that describes who we are in words.
As literary girls, we can showcase our personality and our advocacy for books, reading and writing by the accessories we integrate to our wardrobe, to create a personal style.
We communicate and tell a personal story to others through our actions and through our appearance.
Think about the story you are telling.
Good use of clothes and personalized accessories identify who you are and what you stand for as literally as your words would. They communicate a message. And as literary girls we want to say:
We are smart, clever and witty. We like words and know how to use them. We value intellectual pursuits and authentic personality. We are “creatives” in our own right and appreciate a wide range of artistic expressions.

Your Literary Girl Must-Have Accessories Should Include:

1. Book: Carry a book everywhere you go. This is a physical representation of your own intellectual inclination. A book shows your love for the written language and advocates reading-for-fun and it’s a great differentiator within the usual non-reading crowd, it’s also a great conversation starter.
2. Messenger Bag or Backpack: This is a necessity for going book hunting, or simply for city walks. These types of bags will let your hands free to carry more books to the register,  to take “pics” of interesting murals or to gather inspirational items from your discovery walks (when out in the streets, think of safety first, don’t pick anything up off the floor and don’t touch anything questionable with your bare hands!)
3. Scarf: As a literary girl, you’d expect to go inside a chilly library or book store at a moment’s notice. Your scarf will help you in the transition and keep you warm and comfy. My favorite is the 8 shaped scarf, as it can transform into many different styles; for that reason it’s also a physical representation of my personality (I love items that have more than one use or side to it). Also, scarves add a colorful or whimsical touch to any outfit!
Final note: every literary girl must find inspiration from Colors, Patterns & Textures.
How are you using your accessories to tell a unique story? Send me a pic!

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