What is Literature and Why Should I Care?

Literature is a window into life.
Authors are keen observers of reality and their medium of expression is words.
Words should be the vessels of great meaning, and not tools to spread hatred and fear. I’ve always felt a connection to words, books and stories. Knowing their power, even I have not always respected it and used it for good.
Literature is a key part of our human heritage.
Maybe, the written language is not as innate to humans as speaking, but if spoken words were enough, why would most of our greatest civilizations develop sophisticated visual symbols to record their experiences and strengthen the passing of knowledge, laws and stories that boosted their stakes as the great civilizations they were?
Literature is all around us.
Life comes first, and then comes our need to talk about it, write about it, share it (in my case blog about it) and in a sense record that life for posterity.

But what is literature anyway?

Definitions are as varied as the many genres and topics it may touch upon; written works of a superior artistic quality, books and writings about a specific subject or discipline, printed materials used for advertisement and publicity…
So, the concept of “literature” designates any written text whose objective is to inform, promote and inspire, and all of these objectives doesn’t have to exclude each other. A piece of literature may be done in a way that is elevated and exalted, like the Greek tragedies, or simple and intimate like a mother’s memoir.

Why should you care about literature?

Because literature touches every aspect of your life and is seamlessly entangled in everything you do, think and remember.
Our lives are set in print. Our stories are being written everyday whether we pick the pen up or not.
Confess: Which text seems to be telling your story?

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